Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Its almost here!!!

We hope you are as excited about the reunion as we are! We're expecting quite a few classmates.......the list below shows who has paid already for the Saturday night event. You may see even more faces at the football game or the picnic..... and we're even working to get some of our faculty to stop by!

If you haven't sent your check, its not too late. We will accept payment at the door, but since we need an accurate count for the caterer please drop us an email at fmhs1987@yahoo.com to let us know if you plan to pay at the door, and how many people (1 or 2).

Wondering who is coming??????? Here's the list.......

Brian Adkins
Dean Allen
Beth Barrett
Beth Bartenfield
Lee Becknell
Mike Bost
Jay Boulware
Chris Broadwell
Carrie Broom
Kent Caskey
Mike Chapman
Sherrie Chapman
David Clapp
Angel Cochran
Amy Coley
Shelly Conrad
Tena Cornwell
Karin Creamer
Patty Dennis
Diane DiNoto
John Dyer
Rhea Eaton
David Faile
Danna Fling
Billy Foxx
Jeff Frasier
Nikki Gentile
Belinda Griffin
Kati Harris
Brian Helms
Kerri Jennings
Tim Johnston
Angela Knight
Melanie Knox
Amy Manus
Brad Merritt
Rhonda Mixon
Kurt Moorefield
Robert Norwood
Scott Patterson
Kaye Phelps
Julie Price
Michael Redd
Sheri Rumbaugh
Portia Sherman
Scott Sitton
Scott Stogner
Kim Taylor
Anneleise Thomas
Robbie Thomas
Tracy Thomas
Christy Vick
Rhonda Williams
Beth Wilson
Darren Wilson
Todd Wilson
..... and more checks are coming in daily! We'll keep the list updated!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It'll be here before we know it!

The reunion is less than a month away! If you have not sent your payment, please do so ASAP. We need to finalize the arrangements AND your price goes up if its not received by Sept 25.

OH...... wanted to make sure you all know that the football game on the 12th is HOMECOMING! It will start at 7pm. We'll all be seated towards the right as you come in the gate. We're hoping to have someone up front pointing you in the right direction, but please ask if you aren't sure where to find us.

We weren't able to track everyone down....again, take a look at the list below and let us know if you can help find them.

Please help us find these people!!!

  • Allen, Scott
  • August, Richie
  • Boatwright, Teresa
  • Boulware, David
  • Caldwell, Alan
  • Cargile, Hope
  • Cloninger, Wendy
  • Craze, Dean
  • Dean, Stephanie
  • Fisher, Jeff
  • Frey, David
  • Hancock, Michelle
  • Harvell, Laura
  • Hasan, Zakiyyah
  • Helms, James
  • House, Shawn
  • Jones, David
  • King, Angie
  • Lane, Angela
  • Lempicke, Leslie
  • Lynch, Serena
  • Martin, Joe
  • McCall, Johnsie
  • Mitchell, Karen
  • Mitchell, Kevin
  • Murphy, Don
  • Novobilsky, Melissa
  • Pender, Tina
  • Rachels, Bobby
  • Ranhosky, Steve
  • Reese, Ramona
  • Rhodes, Kenny
  • Rinehart, Bryan
  • Rossman, Geoff
  • Shaver, Ted
  • Taylor, Ben
  • Wilkinson, Todd
  • Wilson, Tracie